The insurance industry tends to go in one of two directions; all tech or no tech. We aim to bridge the gap by utilizing technology to streamline quoting, writing, and service processes, while providing the personal attention that people expect and deserve.


We believe that by educating the community, we instill trust in our customers. We also enable the customers to have ultimate control and access to their products, 24/7. As our organization helps to create informed decision makers, we are able to put the company resources into increased efficiencies. These come in the way of combining the digital and personal experience. The internet enables unlimited access, while apps enable seamless navigation of complex problems, but it is the people who must continue to play an important role, which will help us to retain the customers we gain.


This organization is built on the entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage our team to be creative and to bring new and interesting ideas to the table. We are prepared to fail in order to succeed. We are innovators. We realize that we will not achieve our goals without disrupting the industry. We are collaborators. We lean into others who have strengths to offset our weaknesses. We are listeners. We grow from the feedback that we receive. We are a community and believe in sharing with the people around us.

A Member of the PCS Alliance

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